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Intrinsiq Support:Storing Student Data

Published Bernice on Wednesday, August 4, 2021 12:00 AM

Storing Student Data

Data is always valuable, and in a school environment this is extremely important, especially since we would be dealing with information that can help put the student into the right class, right host family etc. On top of that, being able to store student data in one place comes in handy when there are requested changes in the booking which are related to different departments in the school. 

Imagine this scenario... 

Imagine that you have a student who books a course, and then, a few days before he arrives at the school he decides to add one-to-one lessons; and he also chooses to change his accommodation from an apartment to a host family; and he also chooses to book some additional excursions in advance. Such changes involve different people in different departments and if you are a school that still handles its bookings manually, you might end up in a bit of a pickle when dealing with such situations.

Or how about handling student complaints?

Another challenging scenario is one where there is some form of miscommunication between the student and the school upon booking, and backdated emails need to be tracked down for verification. If these emails are not all stored in one place, or if these emails were sent by different people in different threads, tracking them could turn into a nightmare. 

So how can Intrinsiq help?

Intrinsiq makes sure that schools get to store ALL their student data in one place, and that also includes correspondence that took place prior to booking. Thanks to Intrinsiq, you will be able to follow a student’s journey from the moment they establish contact with you. This means that any member of staff can have access to the diary section of the school management system and pull out the student’s file. This ‘virtual’ file will include email correspondence, SMS correspondence, notes written by other members of staff about the student, including any problems he or she may have had before or during their stay with you.

Following up on Student Correspondence is no longer a nightmare with Intrinsiq

When following up student cases with parents or agents, you can rest assured that you would not be missing anything. In fact, thanks to Intrinsiq, you can rest assured that you have the whole story in front of you...and all this at just the click of a button.

What happens once the student arrives at the school?

Even at that point, members of staff can continue adding student information into the student's virtual file. Members of staff can add diary entries for a particular student and all of these entries are saved chronologically.When a member of staff adds a diary entry, it is also possible for them to include the names of some colleagues who might need to be alerted to that particular entry. For example, if a student's attendance is not particularly good, members of staff can be alerted so that they either inform the teacher, or the parents or the agent, or anyone else who needs to be alerted in such a situation. 

Did you know that we’re also giving 9 months FREE hosting right now?

So what are you waiting for? If you wish to find out about what Intrinsiq can do for you, send us a message on to set up an appointment with our team.


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