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Special Promotion from NESE Boston

Published on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

NESE is very pleased to announce that it is running a special promotion. Our Good News Discount 2017 provides students with a 5% discount on all housing accommodation and a 10% discount on tuition. Please visit the NESE website to learn more about NESE, its course and special promotions! (


These special discounted rates are applicable to all 4-week sessions and include both Semi-Intensive and Intensive programs. In addition, students who meet the requirements for Business English and TOEFL classes can also receive the discount on the tuition for those special elective classes. Further, NESE is very pleased to arrange the 5% discount on accommodation. NESE's accommodation includes both room and half-board. While all housing in the premiere destination cities of the US tend (New York, Miami, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago) to be quite expensive, NESE is uniquely able to lessen the cost  of living arrangements in order to attract more students to both NESE and the Boston area.

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