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Solemar becomes a Member of Asils

Published EDU-WorldWide on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

At long last, we can officially break the news that Solemar Academy has become a member of ASILS, the Association of Italian Language Schools.

Some of you may not have much idea what this organisation does. Others, perhaps, have never even heard of it! In short, it is a trade association which represents the most important Italian language schools in Italy. To become part of this organisation, we needed to pass several different inspections, demonstrating the high quality of our courses, our organisation and the services we offer.

Becoming part of ASILS would have been impossible without a lot of hard work.  We've had to find a new site which conforms to high safety standards and gives access to people with disabilities, and we've had to offer new services to students and improve the constant monitoring of our quality.

In short, Solemar Academy has stepped up a level, reached a new standard and is sailing full steam ahead!

Don't lose touch - we'll soon be releasing details of the new courses we've designed for 2019.

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