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Ski and Network 2018 comes to an end!

Published on Monday, March 5, 2018

We are back!! After the adventures in Switzerland, after battling the Beast from the East, after mega delays on our way back from the mountains due to the bad weather and heavy snowfall....we are back, not only as better skiers but also as better networkers!


Ski and Network 2018 took place in Liddes, Switzerland between the 24th February and 1st March 2018. Throughout this period a group of around 30 service providers, educators and agents from France, Switzerland, Serbia, the UK, Ireland, Malta and Kazakhstan spent a few days bonding over their skiing skills (or lack thereof in my case!) and networking over food in the evenings once ski-time was over.


Accommodation was kindly provided by our partners fRilingue in their newly-acquired chalet in Liddes, a provincial town in the Alps. After breakfast we would break up into smaller groups, depending on our skiing abilities and make our way to different skiing resorts or slopes in order to practice. Skiing lessons and practice generally went on till around 4pm, at which point it used to start getting dark. At that point we'd all regroup at the chalet and start preparing for dinner. 


This year we introduced a new concept in the evening. Participants split up into teams based on their nationality and each night we had one of the teams preparing a traditional meal from their country. Needless to say, food is always a great way to network.


As The Network Plus, we try to keep our events small and informal. That way people from our industry get various opportunities throughout the week to have a chat with other individuals from other companies within our industry, discuss examples of best practice and move towards forming partnerships to benefit all parties involved.


This event was sponsored by our partners who provided insurance policies for everyone who took part. 

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