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Who is Intrinsiq for? And how can I benefit from it?

Published on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Intrinsiq - School CRM Software Providers for International Education

Over the past weeks we’ve been bringing you a series of articles about a household name in international education, Intrinsiq. In today’s interview with Sudesh Prasad, Director at Intrinsiq, we will focus on giving answers to some of the questions that education providers ask about School CRM systems on a regular basis.

What does Intrinsiq offer?

Simply put, we offer a software solution to education providers which makes the day to day running of their schools more efficient and effective. Delving deeper, we can say that we offer consulting and a cloud-based platform to  manage all aspects of schools and institutions in the international education sector.

However, that is only part of our offering. We also provide a bespoke service to analyse and assist with workflows so as to get the best solution in place. Our experience in the sector allows us to make recommendations that can increase efficiency and client-facing interactions due to the integrated nature of our system.

How are you different from other service providers in our industry?

A few, very important, factors differentiate our offering:

- we are truly a distributed cloud-based platform. This means that our hosted systems are spread across many servers that provide robust backup - if a server fails, the system will seamlessly switch to another with no downtime for the end user - and the data is safe at all times. Plus this makes it easily available...everywhere in the world.

- our platform is fully customisable

- it is built on our proprietary framework - not third party software

- it integrates with most other cloud-based applications, be it accounts, booking, payment tools as well as many other apps.

- NO per-user or per-student costs

- no infrastructure hardware required

- available on tablet and pc

- it is constantly backed up on an automated schedule

The points highlighted above, and also the ability to make custom changes and integrate payments, portals and other apps in a short period of time allow us to deliver truly bespoke service.

Why should our schools come to you?

We understand the international education sector and work exclusively for schools, guardianships and summer programs. We can help identify where workflow can be streamlined. We also provide a complete service. Some other products will do 80% of what is needed, we can provide a 100% solution. We can also work on a phased basis - so we can add on to the functionality with little disruption to the existing systems in place.

We have clients all around the world, which gives us a truly global reach and expertise.

Many seem to associate ‘Intrinsiq’ with an expensive product. How true is this?

The initial cost of development is always the most expensive part of the process, however, once launched, this cost is recouped over a period of time in terms of reduced repetitive data management, savings in staff time and, most importantly, it is scalable for the client with no extra cost as the number of students and or users grows.

The ability to integrate, for example,  with web-based payment platforms or application forms reduces response time to clients, and avoids mistakes that may arise from double data entry. For example if a student portal captures data directly, there is no need to transcribe information from an insecure email.

Once you let computers do the repetitive and mundane work, staff can concentrate on client and student satisfaction.

Many of our readers are already using another classroom management system. How difficult and expensive will it be for them to switch to you?

If we have access to the existing system,  we can easily migrate the data from systems, spreadsheets or even PDFs. We never suggest a full replacement if there are aspects of your existing system that we can add value to, or in some way integrate. Currently we are offering our School CRM base system free for up to 9 months for qualified schools. We want to show the power of IQ and this offer makes it easy for schools to come on board. Through this offer we will also migrate the existing data free of charge as part of the deal.

Where can they contact you for further info?


Twitter: @intrinsiqit


Phone: +44 (0) 1223 790 064   

We'd love to hear from any international schools or other international education providers to find out more about them and what they do.

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