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SEAL Malta: Exclusive Juniors' Summer Camp

Published on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

While the Maltese islands are enjoying the blissful spring weather, we at SEAL are on full swing making the final touches to our exclusive juniors' summer camp. Priority is given to making our students' stay fun and interactive, yet educational. Our young learners long to make new friends while at the same time improve their English - and SEAL shares the same aims.

Our summer camp is annually launched during the first week of June and extends till the last week of September - just in time before the autumn term takes over. Mornings are reserved for tuition from 9.00am till 12.30pm - where our fully-trained teachers deliver interactive lessons, giving their students the opportunity to learn English, have fun and interact.

After lunch, either at the student's place of lodging or on the various activity sites, our students will be busy exploring the islands, swimming, treasure-hunting, hiking, or sightseeing. Following a good rest and dinner, our young learners are then invited to join the evening activities - which are further aimed to ascertain that students mingle together over a barbeque at the beach, bonfires, games, quiz and cinema nights. 

Young learners will be constantly supervised and accompanied by group leaders during all activities and also during the night - ensuring safety and assistance 24/7.

Our fun-packed packages are offered at €450 per week, including tuition, accommodation, full board meals and activities. Special offers are offered to siblings joining our camp together :) 

Get in touch with us on for full details about our camp!


Disclaimer: All Images  and Content was provided by the school for the purpose of publishing this article and to share it on social media.

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