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What is a Social Science, Anyways? Discover Summer University Preparation in Law, Psychology, Politics & International Relations, Business Management & Economics, and more!

Published Lynne on Tuesday, March 2, 2021 12:00 AM

Reach Cambridge Social

Did you know that Social Science students often have the best job prospects after graduation? At Reach, we think this makes them the perfect subjects for summer university preparation for anyone looking to visit the UK from abroad.

Covering everything from Politics & International Relations to Journalism & Media, Psychology, Law, Business Management & Economics, Architecture, and more, Social Science at Reach is an exciting and cutting edge field.

Broadly defined as the study of society and how it works, the social sciences always put their ideas into practice; they engage with the world now in order to make life for everyone easier tomorrow. So too at Reach do we think that the study of social science should look outside the classroom and venture into the world.

Engaging in experiments and excursions, discussions, interactive mind mapping, group projects, and data collection in addition to more traditional lectures, our social science courses are the epitome of collaborative learning—and favourites every year with students and teachers alike!

One of the biggest advantages of studying social sciences at our academic summer camp is that the ideas that interest students most often lead directly to promising university experiences and on to careers.

The United Nations affirms that “the social sciences have a critical contribution to make, in helping us understand, imagine, and craft a more sustainable future for all.” So, step into the footsteps of Darwin and David Attenborough, Diane Abbott and Wilberforce, John Maynard Keynes, and so many more.

Come and join us for our Social Science pre-university courses and get started on your future career right now!

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