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Quality English launches e-Missions!

Published on Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Quality English e-Mission

“Less emissions, more e-Missions”

Quality English has launched a new eco-friendly service for its licensed schools and colleges which allows schools to carry out meetings with key agent partners through an online platform.

QE piloted the new e-Mission system last week with 5 schools and 5 agents and were delighted with the results. QE Chief Executive, Jonathan Swindell, commented:

“Following the recent launch of the QE Green Charter for our schools, we have been looking at ways to make our operations more environmentally-friendly. At our recent Annual Conference in Malaga we were thrilled with the ideas that we generated, one of which was to develop online workshops. We wasted no time in starting to look at suitable platforms and carried out a hugely successful trial last week. We brought together 5 of our schools with 5 agents from around Europe to replicate the scenario of a typical QE Mission, in what we believe is an industry-first for a school association. All of the agents and schools were delighted with the new system and we can’t wait to launch a series of e-Missions which will start very soon. We envisage that these events will complement our regular face-to-face Missions, rather than replace them, and allow our schools and agents to become acquainted from the comfort of their homes or offices.”

Agent Feedback  

“Thank you so much for inviting my agency. It was great new experience and I loved it!” 

School Feedback 

“It was a brilliant e-mission! Once you had used the system for 5 minutes you got used to it and I think it would be a brilliant addition to the other missions.” 

“It was fantastic.  Thanks so much.” 

QE is planning to launch a schedule of e-Missions over the coming months to create an online networking system for its schools from 9 countries with agents from all over the world.

Meanwhile, QE will soon be launching its new online forum for licensees, called “QE Connect” which will further develop the sense of community among the schools and allow them to discuss industry issues and share best practice.

QE will be hosting face-to-face Missions to China, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Taiwan and Thailand later this year.

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