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Benefit now from our New Premium Services

Published on Monday, January 15, 2018

We are happy to launch a new Premium offer for those of you who would like to try out and see for themselves just how beneficial our Member Articles can be to attract new agents to their profiles and generate more traffic to their websites.


What does it consist of?


If you take this offer you will:

-be able to send us 6 MEMBER ARTICLES which will be published on our site and disseminated on our social media and newsletter. It also means that through these member articles and through this opportunity you will be able to make yourselves and your products more visible to agents from all around the world.

-Be listed in our Directory with our Premium Members for the duration of the 6 months i.e. further up than the Light members 

-Have links to your social media pages on your profile


How much is this offer?


This offer only costs €75 + VAT. 


What do I write about?


Member articles can be about anything that is going on at your school. Always ask yourselves the question "What do agents want to read about"? before submitting an article. And to give you a few tips, agents are always interested in your Unique Selling Points, activities which are going on at your school, accommodation types, courses, anything innovative that you have going on, any special anniversaries or events.....the list is endless! If you are stuch always drop us a line via email or Skype and we're more than happy to give you a few tips!


What happens once the 6 months are up?


Just like we always do with every membership option that we have, with us there is no obligation to renew and we will not take renewals for granted. Once the 6 months are over we will contact you to inform you and at that point it would be entirely up to you to see whether you would wish to renew as a Premium or Platinum member for 1 year - full year prices are available here. It is important to point out that once you renew, you will also be entitled to our list of Agents.


What are you waiting for? Start connecting with more agents and get in touch with us NOW to find out how to register for this offer.

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