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Opportunity for International Education Agents

Published on Friday, May 24, 2019

Pathway Programs Opportunity for Agents

Campus 3 are excited for 2019 and the launch of our new First Year Value Pathway Program. Students can now begin bachelor level studies in their home country while earning transfer credit. This initiative allows our most trusted and valuable agents the ability to help students save thousands of dollars before they begin their journey to study abroad.

In addition to that, your Agency will have the ability to increase revenue and build your brand in a way that separates you from the competition.

The launch of this program is very exciting and has caught the attention of many reputable higher ed international publications around the world.

This transfer credit program is designed to help Agents increase their revenue while helping students begin a low cost path to their undergraduate bachelor degree studies. International students can take up to two semesters of study in their home country while waiting for their on-campus program to commence.

This program is designed for Agencies who already have an established teaching facility in their office. Examples include those who teach IELTS, GMAT prep, IT Certificate Training, etc....

Cost Savings: Students can save up to $40K USD by beginning their studies in their home country.

Time Savings: Students can begin their first semester of today while waiting for their on-campus program to start or applying for VISA.

Agent Bonus: Agents will earn bonus on each semester of the Pathway Program AND earn an additional bonus for the on-campus program Visa Approval - Students may increase their chance of approval as they have demonstrated academic success.

Program Highlights:

- Students can begin the First Year Value Pathway prior to applying or prior to acceptance to their destination college or university

- Universities will receive the student and apply transfer credits toward their program of study.

- Students can take one semester (15 credits) or two semesters (30 credits) in their home country.

- Student must have regular access to or own their own computer/laptop with internet access.

- Student must provide a copy of their passport and register to begin the First Year Value Pathway.

- If the student is denied a visa or wishes to continue study in their home country, they can choose from a selection of online undergraduate bachelor programs.



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