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Did you know that some schools still do paper registers?

Published Bernice on Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Getting rid of paper registers in schools

Attendance is a key element in the day-to-day running of a school. It keeps track of where the students are, how many classes they attend, whether they can move up a level or not, how much of the syllabus they’ve completed...and in general, the level of commitment of any particular student, which very often determines whether or not they get a certificate at the end of their stay at the school. There are many schools out there who still take attendance manually, which can lead to various problems.

  1. The attendance sheet may get lost or filed in the wrong place
  2. The teacher might not have enough space where to write specific comments that he/she would like to include on it
  3. With manual attendance sheets, it is not possible to identify particular trends in student behaviour
  4. It is very difficult to track the path that a specific student took throughout his/her stay, especially if this is a long-stay student who has been at your school for months on end

The above points are just some of the main issues that can be traced back to not having a class attendance system that is integrated within your school’s CRM.

What do Intrinsiq recommend?

Intrinsiq can help you because their CRM integrates classroom attendance within your CRM. This means that your teachers can access their class list from their own mobile phone or tablet. It also means that your members of staff and your students will receive their class info directly on their phone or via email...hence saving lots of time (and paper!) on printing class sheets, reprinting each time there is a change, students not getting the info and checking with the office, students going to the wrong class etc. etc.

Check out this video to see how Intrinsiq can help you

So let’s summarize! What are the benefits of having an efficient CRM for Attendance Tracking?

- Allows for accurate attendance numbers

- Allows for remote locations to be entered into the main database

- Allows for Live-time reporting

- Is Mobile-device friendly

- Is Secure

Further info

Would you like to make sure that your classroom attendance system is up to date and that you don’t waste unnecessary time? Intrinsiq can help you. Drop them a line on to set up a call.

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