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Powerful Youth: Global Youth Leadership Programs

Published EDU-WorldWide on Thursday, January 17, 2019

All Youth are powerful but how can they build the confidence, skills, and experience to realize their leadership potential?           

Powerful Youth’s unique and carefully designed leadership programs are created to help all youth, ages 12 to 18 years old, build important leadership skills connected to their future academic and professional success.  These are NOT typical summer camps, since our programs are developed by expert leadership educators to be engaging and fun 2 and 3-week long training academies which include 6 months of additional online coaching to ensure real results are achieved with every participant.

Develop Teamwork and Leadership Skills

Real leadership skills come from more than just lectures and games.  Developing effective leaders means that each participant will learn, do, and review their behavior after every individual and team project supported by our expert staff.  Operated in partnership with Brookes Education Group, both our facilities and resources are absolutely among the best in the world for what many youth call “the best two weeks of their life!”

Build Critical Thinking Skills

Whether it’s designing an innovative solution, supporting a charity organization’s mission, or creating their own DREAM service project, participant’s will build critical thinking skills through project-based learning, design thinking, and real-time coaching all captured in their own digital portfolio they create and keep.


Meeting new people from different cultures can be both exhilarating and challenging at the same time but having fun and accepting each other’s perspective is critical for any global leader.  Participants come from over 18+ countries and with a wide range of English language ability which makes the experience all the more realistic and global.

Make an Impact

Participants learn not only how to effectively lead others, but in the process, learn to create real change within themselves as well as within their communities.  Each participant will actively complete 60 hours of meaningful service learning, which helps demonstrate their newly developed leadership abilities and serve as evidence of their expanding leadership potential.  Their passion will drive a purpose for change!

For more information contact David Charron at or call (USA) +1.914.330.1913

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