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Learn Italian in the Tuscan Countryside

Published on Wednesday, December 6, 2017

L'Olivo Italiano is a center for the promotion of Italian culture and language. Addressed to a foreign audience, the school will guide its students in a step-by-step discovery of Italy with a program both varied and articulated: intensive language classes for either groups or individuals; mini-courses on specific topics; language exchanges; cooking, herbal medicine, and photography workshops; films, literature, music, and theatre; guided  walking tours; cocktails, dinners, tastings, and much more.


 Located very close to Florence in one of the most   beautiful   landscapes of Tuscany, L’Olivo Italiano, is privileged to be housed inside the Antico Spedale del Bigallo, thanks to the collaboration with the training agency QUALITAS FORUM , which operates since 1998 in the training field.


A place that we loved from the first second, rich of charm and history. A perfect location to focus on learning in a relaxed atmosphere, to breathe the air of the Tuscan countryside, to take long walks, or just to read a book under the shade of one of our parks’ olive trees tell Irene Amantia e Alessandra Gucci, the two promoters of the project.    


Two friends, Irene and Alessandra, with a shared passion and a great dream: to guide people from all over the world on a journey through Italy and its culture with simplicity, joy and expertise: “From an early age we were both fascinated by foreign countries and cultures; we both travelled and learned foreign languages and now adults, we’ve decided to stay and live in the country where we were born and grew up to help promoting the beautiful face of Italy: Italian culture with its immense heritage of literature, theatre, music, opera, cinema; art, architecture and natural wonders; Italian folklore, history and traditions; handcraft and agriculture; friendly, welcoming and solar people; Italian cuisine, the art of Eating well, enjoying good food in good company”.


Programs are designed for those who want to learn Italian intensively, whether for work or pleasure, for those looking to study in an Italian University or school, for those who already live in Italy and need to manage their daily lives, for those planning a relaxing cultural vacation, or for those who simply wish to master a few basic sentences to get by in Italy.


All classes and activities are conducted exclusively by qualified and experienced native Italian teachers and are designed to achieve quick results for students of all skill levels. Our programs also aim to encourage dialogue and cross-cultural exchanges among students, teachers and locals.


Foreign students will have the opportunity to stay in the same building of the school at the Ostello del Bigallo (Bigallo Hostel) - totally renovated and fully equipped with all comforts to offer modern travellers the same shelter and unique experience of  the typical medieval atmosphere of the hostel – or in an Italian host family, in one of the region’s characteristic farmhouses or in an independent apartment near the school.


“Our courses are not only simple language courses but a true immersion into the Italian world and culture. Language is not only a mean of communication but it is the expression of its cultural identity . We want to encourage the exchange and intercultural dialogue between students, teachers and local people "


For further information: 

Facebook page: www.facebook/lolivoitaliano


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