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Offering students a unique experience of London!

Published on Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hello again from all of us at London Language Lab. We hope you've had a great 2016 – and that you manage to get some rest and relaxation in the weeks to come. You deserve it!


We've had a busy time since we last wrote. We were recently featured in the EL Gazette, where we discussed what we've learned so far about running a school; our methodology book TEACHING LEXICALLY, part of Delta Publishing's multi-award-winning series of Teacher Development books, has been doing very well and getting some excellent reviews; we did a podcast for Macmillan One Stop Englishsite, and a blog post for them as well. Watch out for a series in the new year.

We're sure you deal with schools in London already and understand you may not be looking for new partners. However, we believe that what we offer is truly different, both in terms of our courses and approach and in terms of the way we use the city around us. For starters, we state our beliefs about language and learning very clearly, so learners know exactly what to expect from us. We also separate our long courses and short courses to ensure that we can maintain clear goals, keep like-minded learners together and have continuity across classes.

Finally, our cultural programme is fully integrated into what we do every day at the school: we have weekly discussions, seminars and language lessons based around specific themes such as gentrification, green London or the Chinese community - and our trips tie in with this. This means students see sides of the city that would otherwise remain unknown and develop a full erunderstanding of the many different cultures London is home to.

We hope you'll agree that we offer something rather special - and hope to work with you more closely in the year to come.

For further information about any aspect of what we offer, please contact:

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