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Intrinsiq has NO student or user limit

Published Lynne on Monday, January 18, 2021

Intrinsiq has NO student or user limit

Today’s article focuses on a very important feature for schools, universities and all education providers. We are referring to the student or user limit feature. It is a well-known fact that the majority of CRM providers on the market offer software types which have a payment structure per user. With Intrinsiq this is NOT the case. In fact, Intrinsiq has no limit on the number of users or students.

Having limits leads to having problems

When CRM providers set limits on the number of users using the software, schools tend to look for a cheaper way out (and who can blame them?!). For this reason, many schools tend to purchase rights for one or two users, and give this log-in info to different members of staff so they can all log in simultaneously and use the software.

While this appears to be a brilliant idea on the surface, it can also lead to problems especially when the need arises for school departments to keep track of who made which changes to the booking, for example. Having multiple log-ins makes it much easier to track such changes back to the specific user who would have made those changes. Therefore, it makes things more transparent, and much simpler to handle….and as a result, much more efficient too.

Each user is only able to access specific parts of the system

To link up with what we have just been saying, with Intrinsiq, there are tiers of security access, so that not every user can access everything. In fact, each user could (if the school wants it that way) only be able to access the area of the system which is applicable to their designation, be it Managerial or Office Staff. With Intrinsiq, a school’s members of staff can also be limited to accessing data pertaining to their department.

Intrinsiq also supports multi-centers

Having no limit on the number of users is also a huge advantage for those schools who operate multi-centers. In fact, within the system one can have two or more different centres without having the need for a different log in to gain access to each centre. In such situations, members of staff can log in from anywhere and pick and choose which centre they need to work on.

The most important thing is that the school is always in control

The most important thing, however, is that all of the above are optional with Intrinsiq, and the system has been built so that it is fully customisable, which means that the school is in control all the time, and that all of the features discussed above may only be implemented if and when the school asks for them.

This is the advantage of working with a company that has built its own software with the international education industry in mind!

For any further information about student and user limits on Intrinsiq, or for any other CRM-relatedmatters, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Intrinsiq team on to set up an appointment.

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