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Newsfeed: Universities must be on the Alert

Published Bernice on Monday, November 14, 2022 3:30 PM

Universities must be alert according to Navitas

"According to Navitas Group CEO Scott Jones and Navitas Global Head of Insights & Analytics Jonathan Chew, Universities must be alert to the pandemic-related learning loss that effected 1.6 billion school children globally who faced some degree of disruption to their schooling in the two years after COVID-19 hit."

This announcement was made by Navitas on their social media and it referred to "their Op Ed, originally published in The Australian Financial Review."

In this review, "Scott and Jon point out an extreme example, but one of many, was India. Schools across India were either fully or partially closed for 82 weeks in the two years of the pandemic and access to remote learning was limited. The extent of the disruption is astounding."


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