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Newsfeed: British Council partners with Saudi British Bank to provide English Language training

Published Bernice on Thursday, January 26, 2023 2:00 PM

British Council partners with Saudi British Bank to provide English Language training

British Council Corporate English Solutions have announced that they have a new partnership with Saudi British Bank (SABB) to deliver English language training to 800 SABB employees across Saudi Arabia. Across the span of a year, the British Council will provide the trainings in person across several office locations as well as through the British Council’s English Online course powered by its English Online platform.

The British Council will work with SABB on an English language training programme which includes business English courses tailored to the specific needs of professionals and focuses on the language skills required in a business context, such as giving presentations, negotiating, and writing emails. Moreover, the British Council will give access to its powerhouse platform for online learning, English Online, which reaches a global community of learners and provides a learning experience that’s a modern, flexible and scalable.

This initiative aligns with SABB’s vision for the training and development of their employees providing opportunities for growth and advancement, fostering a culture of continuous learning, and aligning employee development with the overall goals and strategy of the organization.

Moreover, one of the key components of Vision 2030 is a focus on education and human capital development, including the promotion of English language skills. The goal of which is to improve the level of English proficiency among Saudi citizens. This partnership emulates the goals of Vision 2030 for private sector companies adopting English as the primary language of business which trainings like this contribute to.

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