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New Platform

Published on Friday, April 28, 2017

A new platform has just been launched to help international education industry professionals showcase success stories that move the needle in marketing, branding, recruitment, enrolment and retention., brought to life by Jackfruit Marketing, offers a new channel for people to give their own version of how they achieved success. enables users to create their own Author Bio, which acts like an industry-specific version of LinkedIn, and then publish success stories in their own words. Unlike a corporate press release or the marketing copy on a website, FruitFame is a platform for storytelling, giving people a chance to showcase their own personality and the hard work, determination and commitment to excellence that lead to their success. This puts a face behind the results, creating a more personal, authentic channel for colleagues to network, inspire and educate one another. Moreover, it allows industry professionals to build up a public track record of success that showcases their achievements.


The site is free to use and stories are organised according to 18 content themes, 8 regions and, for an original twist, 4 fruit types to anchor stories around key concepts such as:

  • Starfruit - a rising star or new initiative
  • Breadfruit - the bread and butter of your business, student experience, student retention
  • Miracle fruit - performing little miracles, charitable acts, CSR
  • Grapefruit - rescuing a student from a sour situation, recovering from a near-disaster or potential mishap


Additional fruit types will launch in the months and years to come as new functionality and features are unveiled.


Owner and Managing Director Jacqueline Kassteen explains, “Many of us attend conferences where best practice examples are shared, but they can remain siloed at that one event. Or sometimes you read about a new programme or see a headline and think, ‘I wonder how that all started, or who made that happen.’ Thanks to FruitFame, the people who executed that hard work can tell those stories and chronicle their results as they happen, which benefits not just their professional reputation but their brand’s too.”


Ms Kassteen continues, “From concept to launch, creating FruitFame has been a wonderful journey thus far. Watching the stories go live on the site during our beta launch has been so exciting and today marks the beginning of our next big phase. I know so many of us have incredible stories to share, yet until now, there hasn't really been a place to share them. I'm looking to give people that opportunity, and I can’t wait to see what happens now that the power to publish is in their hands.”

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