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New Horizons Australia: The 5 most In-Demand Careers in Information Technology

Published EDU-WorldWide on Wednesday, August 28, 2019

NH Australia IT Careers

As the world of Information Technology continues to change rapidly, a vast range of companies and organizations start to become committed to improving their technological side of the business. Traditional companies have begun to implement high-tech advancements into their infrastructure in order to keep up the pace with other businesses, due to the technology landscape becoming a major area within the industry. As organizations begin to enforce this change, the demand for application developers, tech engineers, and data scientists increases. This further emphasizes the fact that the advancement of technology within a business is crucial to secure positive workflow and successful outcomes. If you’re thinking about a career in IT, now is the perfect opportunity as the demand for technical IT workers is truly at an all-time high.

From 2018, we’ve seen an increase in the interest of employees who are proficient in cybersecurity, software development, and data science. This trend seems to be continuing in 2019 and such roles are required within various industries.

Recruitment and job search websites have shown a dramatic rise in jobs that vary from engineering to virtual reality, artificial intelligence, automation and data science. The fact that companies across the board are implementing technology to facilitate the workflow, means that workers need to be competent in both technical, as well as soft skills.

Here’s an overview of the 5 areas in which most IT jobs can be found:

Data Science & AI: As companies continue to collect and transact large amounts of data to help their businesses develop, the need for employees who are able to gather, sort and analyse this data, also continues to grow. According to Forbes, there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day at our current pace, but that pace is only accelerating with the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). Candidates who gain strong data and AI skills will perform well in these jobs and will be on the cusp of some of the most in-demand careers of the future. 

Information Architecture: In such positions, employees need to first and foremost keep the target audience in mind. Information architecture encompasses the organisation and structure of data where the main aim is to provide a positive user experience through websites or apps to access this type of information. Creativity and the ability to use web production software is extremely necessary as user behaviour and patterns need to be developed into an online experience. In addition to this, communication and security awareness skills are vital, as people in these positions need to communicate with other departments to be able to implement their ideas and be able to adequately secure confidential information.

Cloud Computing: Moving the company’s systems and data to the cloud is not as simple as it sounds. A person in charge of this ongoing task is responsible for providing a smooth process which doesn’t interrupt the company’s daily operations, whilst offering a secure space where information can be stored. Communication skills, knowledge of cloud software and security requirements are needed to be competent for these jobs. Specialists in this area need to consult the company on the best IT solutions for their business and at the same time understand the needs and resources that the company has.

Front End Web Development: This is a specialised job which requires an end result that resonates well with users who are generally not technical. Therefore, the appropriate people for this job are those who can keep the end-user in mind, together with the message that the company wants to deliver to said-users. During this process, a high level of technical knowledge is required. Programming languages, high-quality graphics and visuals, website optimisation and knowledge of emerging technologies are all requirements that can provide candidates the right job in this field.

Process and Change Management: Businesses in today’s world want to deliver projects that meet company and regulatory objectives quickly, and without exceeding the budget. Candidates applying for Project or change related roles need to be organised, have an analytical mind and great interpersonal skills. Of course, technical knowledge is also needed, as projects of any scale require specific software to manage people and tasks. Those who can be agile, distill complex requirements into co-ordinated processes and manage multiple teams of specialists will excel in this role.

 And there you have it! These are the 5 main areas in which most IT-jobs can be found. For more information on these jobs, feel free to reach us at New Horizons Australia Institute of Technology, otherwise, please contact us on


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