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Memberships & Advertising for Schools & Agents

Published Bernice on Friday, September 21, 2018

Membership options for Schools, Agents and Service Providers within the Education Travel Industry


Membership Options for Education Providers

Schools can choose from one of three packages that we offer.


Light Membership - €75 + VAT per year

- Basic profile including a description of the school, link to the website, links to social media pages, school logo and contact info 

- Possibility to send us member articles to publish and disseminate at a fee. Member articles are sent out in a separate newsletter dedicated to Member News, and each one member article reaches over 40,000 industry players through our site, social media channels and newsletter.

€50 Discount when applying for Bildungsurlaub Approval

Discounts when attending WEBA Workshops around the world


Premium Membership - €300 + VAT per year

€50 Discount when applying for Bildungsurlaub Approval

Discounts when attending WEBA Workshops around the world

- Full profile including a description of the school, link to the website, logo, school photo, links to social media and school blog (optional), brochure, price list, agency agreement (Optional), any other pdf. Documents that the school wishes us to upload, list of accommodation options, list of courses on offer and contact info. Premium Schools are listed above Light Schools in the Directory

- 1 member article per month for FREE


Platinum Membership - €500 + VAT per year

Same as Premium membership listed above. Platinum Schools are listed above Premium Schools at the very top of the Schools Directory


+ Unlimited member articles for FREE (instead of 1 free article per month)


+ 1 Feature Interview per year which will be published in the News Section and disseminated amongst our network of readers and followers.


Contact us for More Information


Membership Option for Agents 

- FREE of charge


- Directory Listing with a description of the agency, logo, website link and contact info


- Receive NEWS about our members in our monthly newsletters


- Possibility to send us promotional articles to publish and disseminate within our network at a fee


Contact us to Find out how you can Become a Member


Membership Options for Service Providers

These profiles are  ideal for those companies who are neither schools nor agents but service providers within the Education Travel Industry. They can choose to have a profile in an exclusive section of the website, a clickable logo or the more visible and advantageous option, the clickable banner. A description of each of these options can be found below.


Service Providers Profile - €850 + VAT per year

Same as Platinum membership mentioned above


- Full profile a separate section of the website (check other Service Providers profiles here:-


- Publish all your press releases in the News section of the website (at the top - not with the member articles). We will share these articles on our social media and also in our monthly newsletter reaching over 40,000 industry players per month


- 2 Feature Interviews per year which will be published in the News Section and sent out separately to ALL our followers and readers in a special newsletter that will be entirely dedicated to your interview.


- Feature in our newsletter on a monthly basis through the articles that you send us to publish and disseminate


- Access to our list of member schools and member agents

Social Media Management Package - €1,100 + VAT

- We provide you with 12 articles, over a period of 12 weeks (if you want your campaign to be more intense) or 12 months (if you want your campaign to be more spread out) to be published on our site, your blog / site and social media pages.

- These articles will be featured on our newsletter too. If you opt for the 12 articles in 12 weeks, you will get a free section in our newsletter that is entirely dedicated to your organisation.

- We also provide you with a publishing plan to accompany each one of the articles. This will include content for all your social media platforms and the right hashtags and wording to use so that through this content, you will also be targeting direct clients.


Logo space - €2,000 + VAT per year 

Same as Service Providers Profile (including all the features mentioned above)


+ Clickable logo on the landing page of the website


+ Clickable logo on each newsletter that we send out (2 per month)


Skyscraper banner - €3,500 + VAT per year

All the features included when purchasing the Logo Space


+ Clickable banner on ALL the pages of our website (not just the landing page)


+ Clickable banner on ALL the correspondence that we send out in newsletter format (average of 5 per month)


Possibility throughout the year to send out campaigns on behalf of the organisation to all our database of readers and followers


We will assist the organisation in any promotion you might require

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