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Using the Schools & Agents Website better: How to use the Membership Directory Better

Published Bernice on Monday, May 2, 2022 12:00 AM

How to use the Membership Directory Better

The Schools & Agents Members Directory is one of the most well-visited areas of our website. This area is exclusive to members only and it is the place where all member schools can find agent profiles and all the info about our member agents. In today's article we are going to take a look at what kind of info one can find in the Members Directory, and we are going to look at 4 main aspects.

Point 1: Agent Contacts

One of the main things that schools ask us when they register to become members on Schools & Agents, is whether they can find the agents' contact information on our website. The answer is YES. Our members directory includes all the agents' contact information and a short description of what the agency does, highlighting all the areas and markets that the agent specialises in. On top of that, the Members Directory also includes links to the agents' social media channel to enable more efficient communication. We all know that nowadays everyone is on social media and we believe that social media is one of the preferred methods of communication for people in general, especially in our industry. Therefore, we have chosen to facilitate this method of communication through our Agent profiles as well.

Point 2: Different Search Options

Schools are very often interested in different markets and different types of agents. It is for this reason that we have chosen to facilitate the search options in our Members Directory too, and our schools can now search for agents based on their country or city, their areas of specialisation (for example, whether they focus on language travel, university courses, high school programmes, boarding schools, vocational training, work and travel and so forth). That way, if a school is looking for an agent based in Switzerland who focuses on, for example, summer camps; they can use the filter options on the right hand side of our directory page and enter all the information that is of interest to them. Once they hit enter, a list of agents with those criteria comes up.

Point 3: Updated Directory with More Agent Info

We are currently in the process of continuing to update and improve our Members Directory by adding more updated information about our agents. We do this by getting in touch with our member agents one by one in order to confirm that they are still in operation, that they are still sending students to study in different destinations, and to check whether there ara of specialisation has changed since we last spoke to them. We normally do this exercise once a year, however, over the past two years due to covid and all the hassle that the pandemic brought into our industry, we decided to give our members a chance to regroup and re-focus. Now, as there is finally light at the end of the tunnel, we've decided to start this process again and we will be completing it over the coming weeks. In the meantime, we encourage all our member schools who require specific information about our agents, to get in touch with us because we might have information at hand which has still not been updated on our website.

Point 4: New Agents are added every day

One of the most interesting things about Schools & Agents is that we receive requests from agents to be added into our Directory on a daily basis. From our end we do not just add everyone. On the contrary, we check these agents, communicate with them via email, messaging or Zoom (and sometimes even face to face if we have the possibility to do that), and once we've confirmed that they would the the right fit for our directory, we confirm and publish their membership. 

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