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Looking for a Medicine Summer Camp in Cambridge?

Published Bernice on Tuesday, December 22, 2020 12:00 AM

Medicine Summer Camp in Cambridge

More important in 2021 than ever, Medical graduates are heroes who keep our world turning, despite even the most dramatic challenges our world is facing this year. Consistently ranked among the favourite courses at the Reach Cambridge summer school, Medicine & Life Sciences is the study of the human body now, and in the future.

Always taught by engaged and qualified teachers, our medicine summer camp stands out for the way it immerses students in both leading conversations happening in the medical world and the hands-on situations that see those theories committed to practise.

Past students have gone on to study in order to work in hospitals and ambulances, but have also considered the more philosophical sides of medicine. What does it mean to triage a group of people? What are the moral implications of deciding who gets treated first? At Reach, you’ll both have these conversations and try your hand at a high intensity situation (with dummies!) to see if you have what it takes to save a life and make a difference by joining the medical community here in the UK, or anywhere else in the world.

I've learned new things that I would have never learned at school, and it practically has verified my decision to become a doctor.”Melia, Greece, Medicine Summer Program

Ever in high demand, our pre university Medicine course is suitable for taking over a single 2-week program, but can also be expanded over a full four weeks to achieve the full Medicine & Life Sciences experience.

Hoping to combine your study of medicine with another subject or maximise your medicine-learning even further, our Pre-Hospital & Emergency Medicine taster course can be combined with any Reach Cambridge subject course so that you know how to take charge and make a difference in an emergency after you’ve called for help. A lot can happen before doctors or an ambulance arrive. Will you be able to help?  

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