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Marketing Monday: 4 Digital Marketing KPIs You Need to Be Tracking

Published Lynne on Monday, July 24, 2023 9:30 AM

Marketing Monday: 4 Digital Marketing KPIs You Need to Be Tracking

Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, tracking the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your digital marketing campaigns will give you valuable insights into how effective your strategies are. Let’s look at four digital marketing KPIs you should be focusing on.

1. Conversion rate

Conversion rate is a fundamental metric measuring the percentage of visitors to your website or landing page who take a desired action, such as making a purchase, filling out a form, or subscribing to a newsletter. Tracking this KPI helps you evaluate how engaging and user-friendly your content is to your target audience. You can then use this insight to target areas for improvement and tweak your campaign to generate higher conversions.

2. Organic search traffic

Monitoring this KPI will help you gauge the reach and visibility of your social marketing campaign. By analysing traffic sources and finding out the number of visitors, unique visitors, and page views, you can determine the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. If your organic traffic is healthy, this means your content is performing well due to its value and relevance. 

3. Return on investment (ROI)

ROI is a critical KPI that measures the profitability of your digital marketing efforts. By calculating the revenue generated compared to the cost of your campaign, you can determine if your marketing initiatives are delivering a positive return. The higher the ROI, the better – this means your investments are yielding tangible results.

4. Cost per click (CPC)

This KPI tells you how successful your search advertising campaigns are and if you're overpaying or underpaying on any of them. Calculated by dividing the cost of an advert by the number of clicks it gets, it’s an important digital marketing KPI as it helps you visualise your average spend on your various paid marketing activities, including pay-per-click (PPC), display ads, and retargeting.

Written by Stephanie Clark

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