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Marketing Monday: How to Optimise Your Website for International Student Recruitment

Published Lynne on Monday, August 7, 2023 9:00 AM

Marketing Monday: How to Optimise Your Website for International Student Recruitment

A well-optimised website plays a significant role in reaching prospective students from around the world. In this article we’ll highlight some important factors to help schools and universities enhance their website for international student recruitment. 

Multilingual content

To appeal to a global audience, consider translating key sections of your website into multiple languages. Providing content in the native languages of prospective students can not only greatly improve their user experience, but also ensure that language barriers don’t hinder their understanding of what you have to offer. 

Clear navigation

Simplify your website's navigation structure to make it intuitive and user-friendly by organising information logically and using clear and concise headers for menu items. This will help potential international students find the information they need more quickly and thus lower your website’s bounce rate.

Showcase diversity and inclusion

Studying in a foreign country can be a daunting experience. So if you want to attract students of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, it’s important that they feel comfortable choosing your school or university. Emphasise your school’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity throughout your website by highlighting the experiences of other international students in testimonials, photos, and videos showcasing your school’s multicultural environment.

Mobile-friendly design

It goes without saying that since users rely heavily on smartphones for browsing the internet, your website should be optimised for these devices. A mobile-friendly design will enhance overall user experience and enable visitors to access your website conveniently from anywhere in the world. Do this by optimising page load times and ensuring all content is easily readable on smaller screens.

Simple application process

Since encouraging international students to register for one of your courses is the ultimate goal, it’s crucial that your website’s application process is simple to navigate. This means providing clear instructions, downloadable application forms, and easy-to-access information about required documents. The more user-friendly your application process is, the higher the likelihood of recruiting international students.


Written by Stephanie Clark


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