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Weekends at Merrick Prep are filled with fun!

Published Bernice on Tuesday, January 17, 2023 12:00 PM

Weekends at Merrick Prep are filled with fun!

During our school year, we ensure that many activities are offered on weekends to keep our students engaged and happy.

Students can stay active or decide to relax and prepare for their next week of school. Having said that, we invite all our day and boarding students to join forces once a month and spend some time together – mandatory activity. It helps build a strong community and the feeling of belonging.

Every weekend is different, sometimes it is a day trip (like visiting a museum in Ottawa, Rock Climbing, Parc Omega, Ski trip, Hockey game etc.) or they spend time on campus and in town, enjoying each other’s company (like a game night, movie night, paint night, dance challenge etc.). We are always open to suggestions if there is something we have not offered yet. Our students have their voices and we listen 😊.

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