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Lifelong Course at Centro Fiorenza - IH Florence

Published EDU-WorldWide on Friday, July 20, 2018

Why Centro Fiorenza in September? What makes Italy famous worldwide?

Artistic masterpieces, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, high fashion, the melodious beauty of the Italian language… each and all are available to those who visit Italy to learn more about the nation and its culture.

And Centro Fiorenza offers a Special Course which covers all these topics.

Our Course for Lifelong Learners has an intense and interesting program in the classroom and throughout the city with Italian language classes.

The lessons will be focused mainly on improving communication skills and every day conversation. They will allow students to interact with Italians during their Florentine stay.

Italian Language course: 15 lessons / week + Various cultural activities / week

Duration: 1 – 2 weeks

The starting dates in our two locations for this course are as follows.


- 3 September **

- 29 October


- 3 september **

** We currently have an offer for all those who book for the course starting on the 3rd September, where all those who book for this course will get 1 week of breakfast for FREE at a bar next to our school

For more details or information about this course click here

NEW Prices for 2019

You can download it here

Enrollments for 2019 which reach us before the 30th  October 2018 will be invoiced at 2018 prices.

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