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Summer Law Programs at Reach Cambridge

Published Bernice on Wednesday, May 5, 2021 12:00 AM

Summer Law Programs at Reach Cambridge

One of the most popular courses we offer during our residential summer programs is the Reach Cambridge law course. If you have students looking to take their first steps towards a career in law, to gain an insight into what a university law course might look like, or who just want to learn more about this multi-faceted subject, then our summer law programs might be just the opportunity they’re looking for!

The Reach Cambridge law course offers a vibrant introduction to the study of law, exploring a range of modules including criminal law, international law, human rights law and constitutional law. This academically rigorous course will be brought to life through the study of real cases, as well as providing the opportunity for students to develop invaluable skills in debating, public speaking, researching, and presenting an argument. Focusing on both UK and international law, it will encourage students to think critically about legal issues facing the world in the 21st Century.

This dynamic course will help them to understand the range of career opportunities in the sector and introduce them to both the academic complexities and the vocational opportunities of the subject. Our teachers will tailor the course to suit the students in the class, offering the chance for a more in-depth analysis of certain types of law, as well as allowing for mock trials and debates in order to consolidate the theory learnt in the lessons.

For any students wishing to understand the framework which governs our individual and collective behaviour, who want to delve deeper into how laws shape societies or vice versa, there is no better introduction to the legal world than a Reach Cambridge summer law program. Applications can be made via our website, and more information about the range of summer courses we have available can be accessed here.

“Law was the best course I’ve ever taken. I really learnt a lot and it helped guide me towards what I want to be in life.” Eric, Australia

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