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Laurel Springs: Students Achieve More in Less Time

Published Lynne on Monday, March 22, 2021 12:00 AM

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Summer courses at Laurel Springs can accelerate a U.S. education.

Do you have students who could use a jump start on the next school year? Taking a summer course through Laurel Springs allows students to focus on their educational goals or try a new elective.

Kelsey Lichtenstein, the founder of Aspen Learning Lab, touts the value of our summer program for their students. "While summer classes provide an opportunity for students to continue learning, growing and even advancing in certain subject areas, Laurel Springs School's summer courses also provide students with the opportunity to explore other subjects and interests that they might not be exposed to during the traditional school year."

Excel with a Proven Academic Model

Laurel Springs uses a flexible, asynchronous instructional format and a mastery-based approach that allows students to master concepts before moving on to the next level. The combination is so effective that families often see more achievement in less time. In fact, it’s one reason Laurel Springs students earn significantly higher scores on U.S. nationally standardized tests!

Another reason students excel is because they’re fully supported by highly qualified, committed teachers — 88% of our teachers hold a Masters’ degree, and 12% have earned Doctorates. With a variety of world language courses, dozens of honors and AP-level courses, and hundreds of college-prep courses, our summer program has something for every student—from kindergarten through grade 12!

Summer courses start as early as April 7th, and students can complete year-long courses in 12 weeks and semester-long courses in only 6 weeks. Check out our Summer Catalog for more information and contact us for a consultation.


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