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Interviewing Sylvana from Inlingua La Rochelle

Published EDU-WorldWide on Thursday, August 2, 2018

In this interview today we are going to meet Sylvana Labeyrie who is in charge of Marketing at Inlingua La Rochelle in France. We had the pleasure of meeting Sylvana in person at our Ski & Network event earlier on this year in Liddes, Switzerland and we have to say that not only is she an avid harp player, but also super fun to be around!! In this interview we will speak to her about her school, her courses and any future plans for Inlingua La Rochelle.

INLINGUA LA ROCHELLE - If you had to describe your school in 3words, what would they be, and why?

Enjoyable, personalised and dependable - We strive to take care of each of our student's needs on a personal level in order for their stay to be an unforgettable and enriching experience.

How long has the school been open for, and how has it changedover the years?

We opened our school in La Rochelle 15 years ago and started developing our French Foreign Language courses. In only three years, we have created strong ties with agents from all over the world who regularly send us clients. This year has been a turning point for us with the launch of our new website giving us the means to reach private clients too. As a result, our number of students has increased considerably this year.

What are your Unique Selling Points?

Quality over quantity is our moto, therefore we welcome our clients in small groups where everyone can express themselves and improve quickly.

La Rochelle is also a wonderful place to be. The town offers all the comfort of a big city with its busy night life, museums and festivals. We are located right on the magnificent Atlantic coastline which offers a great number of outdoor sports and beautiful areas to explore and discover.

Which are your main markets?

Our clients are from all over the world, but with a sizable percentage of them coming from Spain, Ireland, Switzerland and Germany.

If you had to describe your typical student, what would he or she be like?

We have programs for all ages. But we manly welcome young students who study French and do activities as well (sailing, climbing, tennis…). We also have a vast number of adults who chose inlingua to have lessons in small groups.

Why do students come to you?

inlingua has been around for 50 years and is now well-established all over the world. Being a part of it means our teachers are trained with the unique method used in all our centers. Moreover, we create programs which are specially tailored to fit our client's needs.

Why should agents work with you?

At inlingua La Rochelle, we listen to our agent's expectations and we offer a unique range of programs all year round. From Teen programs to our 50+ program - we have a wide range of options for accommodation stretching from host families to private flats.

Where do you see Inlingua La Rochelle in 10 years time?

We hope that we will still be a small and personalized business and carry on hosting clients from all over the world.

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