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Published EDU-WorldWide on Wednesday, January 16, 2019

LLE Guardianship has had many years of experience in the teaching and welfare of international students and has recently become part of Quality Education. We understand the pupils’ difficulties in moving to a different country and culture, and the parents’ worries about sending them to a boarding school in the UK. Our host families are experienced and thoroughly investigated by us. 

A dedicated team of guardianship managers available in the LLE Guardianship office and a 24 hour support line in case of emergencies. Two academic/pastoral school visits to our pupils per year in the Autumn and Spring terms.

A nationwide network of wonderful homestay hosts providing accommodation, care and supervision as required, including during weekend exeats and the beginning and end of term.

Our homestay hosts can also offer English home or subject tuition courses during holidays and online tuition if required.

Polina, aged 18 from Russia, was a member of LLE Guardianship during her studies in the UK. Find out what she thought about her studies in the UK…

Why did you choose to study in the UK at boarding school?

I knew that I wanted to study English Law in an English university. I preferred the A level program and also wanted to get enough practice of academic language and essay writing as well as get used to the culture before going to university.

How did your homestay hosts and guardians help and support you during your time at boarding school?

Living Learning English (LLE) was absolutely amazing! While flying from Russia to the UK after half-term, I got stuck in Germany for 2 days due to a strike. LLE managed not only to reschedule my flight much quicker than I would have and save me from endless queueing in the airport but also to find my suitcase which was lost for a MONTH by the airline! My guardians were extremely supportive and kept updating me even when I gave up all hope.

My host family in Bristol was great! They were lovely and incredible and very supportive as well. They always sent me cards for Christmas, Birthday and even good luck cards for exams! I also absolutely loved their cooking which I really missed while at school. All of the other host families which I needed in different places around the UK were also very sweet and I was always impressed with LLE’s work in finding host families.

Would you recommend studying at British boarding school to other overseas students?

Definitely! It’s a great and unique experience. Not only does it help you with your English but it’s an amazing opportunity to meet people of different cultures with different stories and lives. Boarding undoubtedly helps you bond with those who you live with and also solve conflicts and find a way to interact with people who you might find difficult to deal with. It prepares you incredibly for a university life!

What are you doing now?

I have just finished my first term in Hertford College, Oxford studying Law (BA Jurisprudence). I am absolutely loving it!

I am part of the Oxford University Dansesport Club (Main Team) which is something I hoped to come back to after not having done competitive dancing for several years. I am also singing with Hertford College Chapel Choir and looking for more exciting experiences.

If you are interested in finding out more about LLE’s Guardianship Services, please do contact us

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