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Living Learning English: Need to improve your English for work?

Published Lynne on Thursday, April 21, 2022 12:00 AM

Living Learning English: Need to improve your English for work?

Want to improve the English you need for work?

Book a Living Learning English Business and Professional English Course to learn the skills you need. With total immersion in English and an individually designed course, your professional English will improve and you will also practice the social English you need when meeting and entertaining your clients and travelling on business.

1:1 Home Tuition

To maximise learning time, the lessons are held 1:1 at your teacher's home, avoiding the need to commute to a school every day. Your course is specifically designed to meet your individual needs for learning English.

Executive Accommodation

Our teacher's homes are lovely real British homes, kept and furnished to a high standard. You will be staying in a comfortable private study bedroom, and you can request a home with a private bathroom.

A Wide Variety of Locations

We can offer courses in major cities such as Bristol, Manchester, London and Liverpool; in lovely coastal towns such as Brighton and Bournemouth, peaceful countryside villages set in national parks, or by the coast.

Activities and Excursions

Your excursions and trips will be planned with your teacher according to your interests. You can choose from many available excursions such as sightseeing, golf, tennis and visits to interesting local places and events.

In addition to General Business English courses, the following specialist areas of English are available:

- Job applications, CVs and Interview preparation

- English for Medicine and Health

- English for Travel and Tourism

- English for Real Estate

- Presentation & Negotiation skills

- English for Marketing and Sales

- English for Human Resources

- English for Media and Culture

- Aviation English

- English for the Military

- Legal English

- Technical English

- English for Engineering

- English for Finance, Banking & Accountancy

If you have any questions? Please send us an email.

We hope to welcome you soon!

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