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This is what you should know about IH Galway

Published Lynne on Tuesday, May 24, 2022 12:00 AM

This is what you should know about IH Galway

We always say how wonderful Galway is - and we really believe it! Galway is a safe, charming and friendly city, and an overall great place for students to spend their study programme and improve their language skills. But it’s not enough to just know these things - you need to be able to paint a picture for your clients. Why choose Galway? This article will help you to become more familiar with IH Galway and our incredible city. We want to give you the answers you need to answer your clients’ most frequently asked questions. Follow this article and learn how to make your job much easier!

Location, Location, Location

When you study abroad your school becomes your homebase. Rest assured, as soon as our students step off their bus, they will have no problems finding their new school. IH Galway is located in the heart of Galway city centre, less than a five minute walk from the bus stop and the train station. The main square in Galway is called Eyre Square and it is home to the best shops, pubs and amenities in the city. This means students can join in the atmosphere immediately and find everything they need right away. There is also a bus stop directly opposite the school which allows students to travel conveniently to and from the school. No other language school in Ireland offers the same level of comfort and convenience when it comes to location. Why is this especially good for agents? It means less complaints and fewer worries for everyone involved. Sending clients to IH Galway will save you time and minimise students’ anxieties.

Become part of the IH Galway family

Are you sick of waiting hours, or sometimes even days, for a response to an enquiry? At IH Galway we pride ourselves on our quick response times and work hard to ensure our students and clients get the information they need as fast as possible. We’re a small school, but we care a great deal about delivering quality service that makes each person feel validated in their concerns and fears. During your time with us you will deal with just one person, our Head of Sales and Marketing, who has the ability to make things happen fast, so you never have to get put on hold again! In this way you will also get to ask questions about the city directly to someone who is already living an exciting life in Galway. The direct nature of our communication allows you to avoid the frustrations commonly associated with bigger and naturally less responsive schools. At IH Galway you are more than just a number - you’re a member of the family.

An exam is more than a piece of paper

Taking an exam is already stressful enough - why add to the stress when you could take away from it? Another huge benefit of choosing IH Galway is that we are an IELTS test centre, we are also authorised to offer the following tests: ACCA, Cambridge Assessment and Trinity College London. This is great for you and your clients because it means cutting out extra tasks, such as researching the location of an external exam centre and dealing with unnecessary third parties. With us, students can take their test in a familiar environment where they will feel at home. This reduces stress, which will in turn have a positive impact on their score and performance. We also offer specialist exam preparation courses with experienced teachers - some of whom students may already know. This all means that, overall, the exam process will be as convenient and efficient for students as possible.

We are here to help!

In addition to offering the above information, we are always available to answer any other questions you have. We love talking about Galway and consider ourselves experts on the city and all it has to offer. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with even the smallest question.

Wishing you the best from our beautiful city!

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