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Jazzitup Kids Holiday School

Published on Friday, November 3, 2017

At the Jazzitup Kids holiday school our mission is to offer children an all-round fully immersive education experience in London that enhances their academic learning, gives them essential life skills and enriches them culturally.


We use theatre workshops as a multi-sensory approach to English language acquisition, communication and presentation skills in children together with themed cultural tours, educational projects and workshops inspiring children to achieve success both in the classroom and the world beyond.


Jazzitup Kids offers Summer Camps in central London, holiday camps, bespoke camps for groups from overseas or private tuition all year round. We are a perfect situated here in central London and perfectly connected with the best schools in central London to offer agents the opportunity of working closely to provide bespoke holiday camp experiences for children from 4 to 14 years old through our original and unique method and curriculum.


We welcome all children with English as a second or alternative language wishing to improve their fluency primarily and their accuracy with particular focus on public speaking, communication, vocabulary acquisition, character development, manners and etiquette and presentation in the English language.  The focus areas are:


- Improvisation

- Public speaking

- Interview techniques

- Pronunciation

- Team building

- Character Development

- Etiquette and manners

- Confidence coaching


We offer fully immersive day camps taught by mother tongue actors/teachers through our method of Active storytelling with a theme per day, a set of language learning objectives per day, a workbook per day (each with a script, a story, an illustrated story comprehension, activities etc) followed by an afternoon cultural excursion in London, where the children are able to use and consolidate all the new language they have learned that morning in our language workshops.


We aim to encourage, foster and develop a love of the English language and an appreciation of culture and history from a young age through cultural and historical immersion – and what better place to do this than London!! The afternoon excursions give the kids an enjoyable, enlightening experience in this amazing city. They will have exclusive access to museums, galleries and locations of important historical significance.


We divide children into age groups of maximum 6-12 students (depending on age) with the appropriate programme to match their English language level. We offer homemade lunches and snacks (according to children’s likes/dietary requirements), we give out certificates, teacher assessments and well done prizes to all children at the end of each week.


Every day parents receive a photo diary of the day’s action, so they can truly feel like they are part of this most amazing and rewarding experience for their children.


We provide a detailed reporting and at the end of each week. Parents receive a detailed academic report on their child, as well as an assessment of their character development and cultural immersion experiences here in London.


Testimonials summer 2017:


They had a wonderful time and unforgettable experiences. Thank you and Neema for everything.  

All the best

Evmorfia, Greece


Thank you for all the pictures! So lovely to see what children are up to during the day. We are very excited to start a second a week.

Gabija, Lithuania


The english camp was amazing, the girls still talk about it. We have tried in 2 different camps before and none of the girls like it. Because they were happy, I feel that this year the have learn quiet a lot. I can see the difference.

We will definitely come back next year.

Also sending pictures and videos help quiet a lot for the parents to understand what is going on. 

Thank you so much.

Eva, Spain


This is amazing, the kids really enjoyed their learning experience and hopefully we will do it again. 

Pleasure knowing you

Lulwa, UAE


Thank you so much for a great summer camp in London. We just came back Japan. Lira had a special time with you and new friends and really excited!! 

We hope to visit London and join your camp again soon!


Junko, Japan


I like how you have structured the course. Beautiful. I like that the morning lesson has content that links to grammar, story and afternoon tour.

Luciana, Italy


Angel did enjoy a lot the summer camp and had a great experience! Hope can see you all next summer vacation if possible!

Best wishes,

Crystal, China


He has been having fun and adapting. In spite of his occasional reluctance to go to school, he never refuses to go with us to Holiday School. Your program widens his vision of the world and gets him closer to British culture and language to enrich his knowledge and we are pleased. He likes listening to stories and telling stories and I hope his writing will eventually follow later on. He already likes performing and you are giving him the arts of it. We appreciate that.

Prabaddh, Thailand

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