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Introducing Simeon one of our high school integration student in South Africa

Published on Thursday, June 8, 2017

We always like it when an idea works!   But we get really excited when we have an idea which works really well!!


Simeon is one of our students from France who is attending a school in Simons Town, ( just south of Cape Town) at the very tip of South Africa.  He is living with a host family and going to school locally.  His High School allows him to study subjects such as Maths; History; Science and continue with his English as well.  His aim is to become fluent in the language by the time he leaves.


His host family takes and collects from him school each day.  He also has the choice of staying on to play Football; Cricket or Rugby.  His school is across from the Beach and some days, the school goes down to attend the Shark Warrior Centre, learning about Whale and Shark Preservation.


His family have teenage children for company and some of the pictures in the link below show you what he has been doing since arriving in Cape Town.  You can see from the pictures who he has settled with, his host family.   They live close to the beach and often walk along the shore each night.


Simeon says it’s a great place to visit and he enjoys the people and the animals. Even though South Africa is going into its winter ( its June now ) the weather is still good and he can enjoy visiting all of the local places of interest.  He still cant get over the Baboons running over the houses each day looking for food.


His only regret is that he didn’t sign up for longer


If you want to know more about our high School Integration in South Africa, then contact us now for dates and rates.


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