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The Intrinsiq Process - Smaller sized schools

Published Bernice on Wednesday, February 15, 2023 7:07 AM

The Intrinsiq Process - Smaller sized schools

The Intrinsiq process and approach that we take varies depending on the size of the school that we are dealing with and this happens for a number of reasons. Firstly, when we are working with a larger school, the likelihood is that we would need to deal with a bigger team of people, as opposed to potentially dealing with one person fulfilling multiple roles in a smaller school. Adapting our process and approach means that we are able to fulfil our clients’ needs no matter how big or small they are. Here’s how we do it.

Let’s look at the Intrinsiq approach towards smaller-sized schools

When dealing with smaller schools the Intrinsiq process shifts a little. Indeed, once clients sign up, we prepare the standard system for their school, give them their login info, and ask them to start signing up members of staff.

The first stop

Our first stop would be to ask them for any data that they need to transfer over to us, including past and current students, host families, accommodation options, agents and so forth. That way, we can add this info into their new system.

We ask schools to start compiling a list of documents

At the initial stage we also ask each department to start compiling a list of documents and templates that they want to issue out of the system like acceptance letters, warnings, Visa application letters, host family confirmation and so on.

Generally, in our first call, we focus on the Admission Flow. This helps us to find out the step-by-step process that the Admission team uses, so we can replicate that same flow into their dashboard and facilitate their daily tasks on one screen.

Communication is ongoing

During all this we ask the client and their staff to start experimenting with their new system in order to start learning how it works. At this stage we also include a link to our guide for them to follow on where they get stuck. We follow this up with calls focusing on the different departments. During these calls we answer any questions they might have and we also train them on how to do the various tasks that we would be building in their system. Generally we try to work our way through the school department by department. Once we finish one, we move on to the next.

We follow the flow of the client

It often takes more than one call until we are satisfied and the client is comfortable and at ease with the system. A customer representative from our end will be the bridge between the client and their assigned developer, to deal with any changes or issues that might come up. It is also during these calls where customization takes place as we alter parts of the system to suit the way the client works.

For any further information about Intrinsiq, or for any other CRM-relatedmatters, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Intrinsiq team on to set up an appointment.

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