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Turn your frown into a smile with Intrinsiq

Published on Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Intrinsiq can help Education Providers solve issues with Classroom Management

At Intrinsiq, we are proud to launch our second clip from a series of videos produced by ICEF Media, focusing on various aspects of our service, mainly highlighting how schools can benefit from using our software. In this video the spotlight is on Classroom Management.

When it comes to classroom management, the main users are the teachers and staff, and in some cases, students. In this video we  take you through the main challenges faced by these users and offer you simple solutions to make the day-to-day running of your school much more efficient.

Classroom Management Problems faced by teachers, DOS, Course Coordinators etc.

When it comes to teachers using classroom management software, the main problems that they face are:

- classroom allocation due to various levels and multiple students

- keeping track of teachers’ days off and correlating that with class allocation

- sending classroom information to students, especially when the school is closed during the weekend or public holidays

- student attendance

Classroom Management Problems faced by students

The main problems that students face when there is not an efficient system in place are the following:

- confusion in relation to which class they have to go to

- lesson times

- weekly schedules

If you can relate to any of the issues above, worry no more! Intrinsiq  can help you turn these frowns into smiles in the following ways:

1. We can help you track  student holidays, especially in the case of those who require visas.

2. We can help you allocate teachers according to availability and English level

3. We can help you reduce the time that students spend in the register office or at reception getting class information.

4. We can help you remove the need for a paper trail for attendance

There’s even more good news! You can currently benefit from a limited time offer where you can switch to using the standard version of our software for FREE. Would you like more info on this? Send us an email at

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