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A Special Offer from Intrinsiq for ALL Education Providers

Published on Wednesday, April 24, 2019

This article is about the special offer for ALL Education Providers that is currently on offer by Intrinsiq.

For the past weeks you may have  read our weekly posts about Intrinsiq and their classroom management software. We have even published two videos (that you can view again  - see below) about how the Intrinsiq platform can help make the day-to-day running of your school more efficient. But today we would like to turn the spotlight on to something even more exciting - a special offer that Intrinsiq has for all education providers within the international education industry.

So what is this special offer?

Any school, whether you have a classroom management system already in place, or whether you are still using simple classroom management techniques, can try out the standard version of the Intrinsiq software for FREE for up to 9 months! Yes, that’s right, for free for up to 9 months!

The Intrinsiq software caters for all the different departments within the school - from Academics, to Accommodation, to Agent performance...everything. The video below summarizes what Intrinsiq is all about:

If we look at Academics, for example, we can see that the Intrinsiq software is helpful for Course Coordinators, DOSs, teachers and students alike. Check out this video on how the Academic side of the school can benefit from this:

Does my school qualify to benefit from the FREE offer?

There is no better way than asking! The Intrinsiq team is always ready and happy to help people in international education, whether they are already existing clients or whether they are still deciding whether to go for it or not.

Our recommendation would be to contact Intrinsiq using the email address below and have a chat with them. We always believe that only good things can come out of a good conversation with a seasoned professional.

So what are you waiting for?

This is a limited time offer, so don’t hesitate to contact Intrinsiq on in order to find out how you can get on board too!

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