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Welcome to the first Intrinsiq Reel

Published Bernice on Thursday, June 30, 2022 12:00 AM

Welcome to the first Intrinsiq Reel

Rather than doing our usual monthly interview, this week we are proud to share with you all our very first Intrinsiq reel. We must admit it wasn’t easy at the beginning, especially since we’re not so used to being in front of a camera….however, we also understand the importance of connecting with our audience and followers in more ways than one…so without further ado, here’s our first Intrinsiq Reel.

Here’s the link to our first Intrinsiq Reel on Instagram

In our reel this week we spoke about the three aspects that we normally share with our readers throughout the month.

The Reel reflects what we speak about in our monthly blog, starting with The Intrinsiq Process

Once a month we share a blog post focusing on The Intrinsiq Process, which basically focuses on how Intrinsiq works with clients and the strategies applied throughout the whole process.

How it Works

The other blog post that we share is called “How it Works” and here we mainly focus on different aspects of the Intrinsiq software, how they work, what steps are involved and how our clients and users can make the best use possible of these systems and processes.

Intrinsiq Support

The third blog post that we share throughout the month is called “Intrinsiq Support” and this is a blog post which focuses on different areas in which our clients might be struggling. We collect this information from the various meetings and calls that we have with our clients and when we realise that there is something that people might be struggling with, we write and share information about it. That way, clients can refer to these blog posts on our website at their convenience. 

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