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The Intrinsiq Process: Test

Published Bernice on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 12:00 AM

In this part of the process, the aim is to go back and forth between the “building” part and the “testing” part.

The next phase in the Intrinsiq process is to test the software, or the part of the software that Intrinsiq would have designed for you. In this part of the process, the aim is to go back and forth between the “building” part and the “testing” part. That way Intrinsiq ensures that before the software is rolled out completely, everything works as it should.

Initial Testing

Testing takes place in various stages as well. Initially, the Intrinsiq team tests out the software to make sure that there are no developmental and technical glitches from their end. 

Once this is done, the School’s Team tests it next

Once the developments are approved by the Intrinsiq team, they inform the client on which module is done, and request they have their employees (ideally the department involved in said module) test it out to see what the flow is like. It is very important that the school’s team, i.e. the people who will be using the software, test it out to see what aspects require more training than others.

Training Needs are determined in the next stage of the Testing part of the Process

At this stage, the school’s team is given training by Intrinsiq on how best to use the module that has just been developed for them. At this point Intrinsiq also organises calls with the departments that concern the particular module, mainly because some questions cannot be answered just by emails so the Intrinsiq team preferes to jump on a call with the school in order to smooth out any errors and at the same time provide training. Intrinsiq usually encourages the department to compile a list of questions before the call. No concern or question is considered irrelevant by Intrinsiq. During calls other questions may come up and these can either be dealt with on the spot, or if work needs to be done, another call will be rescheduled for when that is settled.

At this stage, schools can ask for minor additional changes

It is important to note that, at this stage, schools are free to ask for additional minor changes. Of course, if these changes require major developments, Intrinsiq will issue a new quote and treat this as a new project.

Ideally, the school has one person who is leading the project and who is Intrinsiq’s main point of reference at this stage

This involves a lot of back and forth between Intrinsiq and the client. It is always highly recommended that there would be one lead contact person who will be taking care of the project from the client’s end. Employees can reach out to them directly and, in turn, they reach out to Intrinsiq. That way, if there are any issues that more than one employee is encountering, the lead contact can sort those out into one email and Intrinsiq can reply to that. This would ensure that things are handled more efficiently and effectively for everyone involved.

Becoming Pros

The aim of this stage is leading up to the next phase i.e. the rollout phase, and Intrinsiq’s target  is that, with all the back and forth and testing and training, by the time the rollout phase is on, members of staff are on their way to becoming pros in using the software. 

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