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Intrinsiq Live - 'We have always been customer-focused. This year we're going to up our game'

Published Bernice on Wednesday, February 1, 2023 1:30 PM

Check out the latest live broadcast we did with Jonas and Dario from Intrinsiq

This week Intrinsiq went live on the Schools & Agents Facebook page, as we normally do from time to time! One of the things that came out very clearly during this broadcast was the fact that while Intrinsiq has always been customer-focused, this year customers should get ready for an even-better service thanks to some new features that have been introduced.

The first, and most obvious, new 'feature' is Dario

Dario Zignale is no newcomer to the international education industry. In fact, he has been around for almost 10 years and in this decade he gained valuable experience working for different schools. As Dario mentioned during the live broadcast, he understands exactly what the schools' pain points are because he has lived and experienced them himself. Another added value that Dario brings is the fact that he has worked in various departments in schools, which again continues to bring added value to the team.

Intrinsiq will be present at more industry events this year

Attending events is a way to stay in touch with clients and to have more detailed conversations than what one would have on an online call. So far Intrinsiq has confirmed its presence at the upcoming IALC Workshop in Dublin which will take place between the 13th and 16th April 2023. However, this will not be the only one for sure. Watch this space for more updates on where Intrinsiq will be in the coming months.

If you've missed the Live Broadcast, you can watch it again here...

Another new feature that Intrinsiq is introducing is our 'Exclusive Forums for Clients'

From now on, Intrinsiq clients will be invited to a bi-weekly online formum. Each one of these forums will have a main topic on the agenda, which means that people from that department can attend the event. So if, for example, the topic for this week is "Accommodation", different members of the accommodation teams from different schools will attend the online event. The aim of this forum will be to discuss how different people are using the accommodation feature (for the sake of this example) in Intrinsiq. 

Apart from sharing examples of best practice, these forums are also a great opportunity for the Intrinsiq team to be made aware of any small issues or pain points as early on as possible in order to fix them quickly and avoid them becoming even bigger issues. Once Intrinsiq announces the date, time and topic of their next event, interested parties are invited to inform the Intrinsiq team, who will, in turn, send out an invitation.

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