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Intrinsiq Testimonial Interview - GenkiJACS, Japan

Published Bernice on Thursday, March 3, 2022 12:00 AM

Intrinsiq Testimonial Interview - GenkiJACS, Japan

This week we have a different kind of article prepared for you by our friends at Intrinsiq. In fact, we have decided to go for a testimonial interview. Over the past months you have often heard about what Intrinsiq does, how Intrinsiq helps its clients, and about how hard they try to meet all of their clients' requirements. Today, rather than hearing it from them, we've decided to invite one of their clients to our live broadcast and hear it straight from the clients themselves. Yesterday, we were pleased to welcome Oscar from GenkiJACS in Japan.

Genki have been a client of Intrinsiq for the past 4 years, since 2018 and over these years they went from being a traditional school which used to do all of their planning and organisation in a manual way, to a modern school with 4 different locations spread across Japan that runs smoothly thanks to an efficient School Management system like Intrinsiq

You can watch yesterday's interview here:

Interview Highlight 1: "Intrinsiq gave us a system in Japanese, just like we wanted!"

One of the interesting points that came up during the interview with Oscar was the fact that Intrinsiq was the only system that could build a system in Japanese for Genki. "When it comes to student allocation", Oscar explained, "our teachers are much more comfortable doing that in Japanese especially since they had been used to a manual system for so long. They are excellent teachers, however, they were a bit scared of the big change, and Intrinsiq helped make that transition a much smoother one".

Interview Highlight 2: "It's like a relationship between a married couple"

Speaking about Genki's relationship with Intrinsiq, Oscar compared it to a normal relationship between two people - the beginning is hard, but once both sides begin to understand each other better, the relation flows very naturally. This is what happened in the case of Genki and Intrinsiq too. Back in 2018 there had been loads of meetings between the two companies in order to establish exactly what Genki wanted and to find the best way for Intrinsiq to make that happen. Once Intrinsiq understood what the client wanted, the rest is history, and today Genki is a happy Intrinsiq client.

Interview Highlight 3: "Intrinsiq allows us to continue growing in a smooth way"

When speaking of the future, Oscar highlighted that once the initial hurdles were overcome, it was very easy for the school management system to reflect the way in which Genki was growing. When they switched to Intrinsiq 4 years ago, Genki only had one location. Nowadays they have 4 and their intention is to continue growing. The Intrinsiq system made that, not only possible, but also easy for them.



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