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Intrinsiq Support: Group Bookings

Published Bernice on Wednesday, July 7, 2021 12:00 AM

Intrinsiq Support: Group Bookings

One of the things that members of staff in schools often complain about is the fact that it takes them a lot of time to input group bookings. Whenever we talk about Intrinsiq, we always focus on the fact that the software is easy to manage and that many things can be done at just the click of a button. When it comes to data inputting, Intrinsiq is, once again, the go-to school management software for efficiency and ease-of-use. 

Intrinsiq helps you input your student data more efficiently

Imagine you have a group of students arriving together in a group, all doing the same course, following the same excursions, and who are paid for by a single agent. Such a group would potentially have some adults coming along with them as ‘group leaders’. These adults within the group would all need accommodation, would want to attend some (or all) excursions and might have some other requests, for example full or half board accommodation.

Within the Intrinsiq software, all this is handled as a ‘group’ hence allowing your members of staff to just upload student data, without having to input each individual student. That way, you can quickly allocate them all to their appropriate accommodation, put them in classes together and send them on excursions together.

Intrinsiq also enables agents to help you with group bookings

Once an agent sends a prospective booking for, let’s say, a group of 12 and 2 leaders, staff can set this group up in the system. Once the group setup is done (i.e once the parameters of that group are inputted - dates, group size and leaders) the system generates a link which can be sent to the agents. Once the agent opens the link they find a basic form that they can fill in with all the student and group leader data needed. Once this is done and saved, the system is automatically updated with this student info. 

This basically means that the school is saving time from having to input all the student data manually for each group booking, and the agent will automatically be helping the school with this part of the booking process.

Intrinsiq is all about efficiency and flexibility

At Intrinsiq we are set on making your lives easier by providing you with a school management system that is built according to your needs and requirements. The main advantage of Intrinsiq is that it is a system that is built by people in international education for people in international education. We know the industry. We know your needs. And we fulfill them every time.

Did you know that we’re also giving 9 months FREE hosting right now?

So what are you waiting for? If you wish to find out about what Intrinsiq can do for you, send us a message on to set up an appointment with our team.


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