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Intrinsiq Chat - Discussing Mobile Attendance with Mark Milford

Published Bernice on Wednesday, May 31, 2023 6:47 AM

Intrinsiq Chat - Discussing Mobile Attendance with Mark Milford

Mobile attendance is a feature that is particularly liked by schools. In the video below you can see why this is the case….

Check out this video

Real-Time Tracking

With mobile attendance, attendance data is recorded in real-time. Teachers and administrators can instantly access accurate attendance records, making it easier to monitor and track student attendance patterns. This enables timely interventions for students who may be frequently absent or tardy.

Increased Accountability

Mobile attendance systems provide a transparent and accountable method of attendance tracking. It becomes harder for students to cheat the system by forging attendance or having someone else mark attendance on their behalf. This promotes a culture of responsibility and encourages students to attend classes regularly. On top of that, it also keeps members of staff accountable and enables them to take immediate action when students are not present in class, especially if we are dealing with juniors.

Communication and Notifications

Mobile attendance systems can be integrated with other communication platforms, such as school management systems or parent portals. This enables automatic notifications to be sent to parents or guardians, as well as agents and group leaders, when their child / student is absent or late, keeping them informed and facilitating timely communication between all parties involved.

If you would like to find out more about this, feel free to drop us a line on [email protected] to schedule a call.

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