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Total Football Experience is Evolving - Do you want to get involved?

Published on Saturday, January 13, 2018

In today's interview we are going to look at what our friends from Total Football Experience have to say about their product and what they offer. Here's the interview with Ritchie Semple from TFE.


What does Total Football Experience offer?


We offer football teams of all ages, standard and ability the opportunity to travel to a European country such as Spain or Portugal for a fantastic football experience. Our football tours and training camps are available all year round and we will work with the customer to design the perfect bespoke itinerary.


What makes Total Football Experience different than any other sports tour company?


With Total Football experience there are no set dates or set prices. We have a unique bespoke approach that puts the content of the itinerary in the customers hands, they decide which country they would to visit, they choose the dates, they pick the accommodation and training facility on offer and they decide how many training sessions and matches they require.


Can you describe the benefits of taking a football team abroad?


There is undoubtedly no substitute for real life experience in the wider world. Trips abroad provide a great opportunity for players to gain such an experience and face a range of challenges that can contribute significantly to their personal development. It raises the whole area of interpersonal skills, including leadership, team work, trust and respect.

Research suggests that residential trips have the profound ability to inspire players into having greater aspirations and broadening their horizons for their future. The key benefits of sports related trips for young learners include physical skills, activity and knowledge, personal and social development and the opportunity to set and achieve personal goals.


What can someone expect from a tour with Total Football Experience?


As I have stated earlier we look to cater to the individual needs of any team. We can provide many activities ranging from competitive matches against similar level opposition, training sessions, watching top-flight football matches and having tours around world renowned stadiums. We also feel it is important for teams to have some down-time to recover from matches and training so they can enjoy the local culture.


How is Total Football Experience evolving?


Total Football Experience has now increased its portfolio of football training camp facilities to 22 in Spain, Portugal, England, Croatia & Slovenia. We can accommodate teams of all ages and abilities from Pro teams to local junior teams. We have also added 10 more sports training camps in Spain, so we can now organise tours in Swimming, Netball, Triathlon, Tennis, Running, Cycling, Athletics, Field Hockey, Rugby and Handball.

We are also attracting new partners, we have recently partnered with Iplay, Student Universe and Stylo Matchmakers Football Boots. We are currently in talks with a long-haul flight specialist and a Soccer Association in the USA.

If any of your subscriber agencies would like to get involved, we have exciting opportunities to work together to develop products and exploit operational synergies. If anyone is interested then please contact me on

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