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Interviewing Rebecca Bonnici - New FELTOM Chairperson

Published EDU-WorldWide on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

In today's interview we shall be speaking with Rebecca Bonnici in relation to her new role as Chairperson of FELTOM.

You have recently been appointed chairperson of FELTOM. What does this new role entail?

The role is one that involves leading our team of board members in discussions when we meet once a month for our board meetings. In the interim I act as a sounding board for our CEO and through him I also keep abreast, generally, with activities in the FELTOM office. As part of my role I am also a member of the Accreditation Council.

How does FELTOM help promote the name of Malta within the Education Travel Industry?

Well over the years the Federation has embarked on quite a few trips overseas, attending language travel fairs – in which OUR CEO has met one on one with language travel agents to promote not only the islands but also the quality that our member schools have to offer the prospective ELT student. FELTOM has also runs its annual agent workshop; whereby through collaboration with the MTA - over 30 language travel agents are brought to Malta each year. During their time in Malta they meet with local accredited and non-accredited schools and also visit them & our islands; in order to cement the belief that Malta is indeed a destination worthy of their clientele. In addition to these 2 sterling efforts our new CEO has just completed a project that will surely give FELTOM and its member school another valuable promotional tool; a member’s directory which is being distributed overseas in the hope of raising FELTOM’s profile. Another effort our CEO has embarked upon is reaching out to agency associations and promoting the FELTOM brand and its member schools with their agency members, through a series of webinars. All the while promoting Malta, as this is where our schools are all located.

As Chair, what do you aim to bring into FELTOM?

As an entrepreneur and DELTA qualified ELT teacher, I hope I will bring both the academic and the business viewpoint to the FELTOM board table. I am very eager to take on this new challenge, bringing my experience in this area sitting on both international (IALC) and local boards (ELT Council). I very much look forward to collaborating with the Federation’s CEO and administrative team, in order to ensure FELTOM’s continued relevance in the local and international ELT scene, while striving for improved quality of service across the board.

How do you plan to achieve this?

Cementing relations with our members & all key industry players; by thinking strategically & ensuring that all concerned always feel valued and like our relationship is a symbiotic and mutually beneficial one. Ensuring that our current partners always feel valued and striving to always refine our relations with them and lastly achieving new bonds with agents, sponsors and partners, to guarantee the continued strengthening of the legacy my predecessors have left for me to safeguard.  

Who are the rest of the team members on the FELTOM board, and can you tell us something about them?

Well I am honored to sit around our board table with some of the ‘veterans’ in our local ELT industry; Ingmar Albig, Joe Aquilina, Alex Lanczet, Sean Le Gault, Ian Scerri & Karl Farrugia Wismayer. Each of these people are leaders in their organization, bringing enthusiasm, zeal and a genuine belief that together we can work to improve our industry and its trials and tabulations. The group is one that represents both the business and the academic aspect of what our schools live, on a day to day basis. Last and most certainly not least, our CEO – James Perry, also forms part of our board and he brings to the table an energy & drive that is rooted in the independence of his role, but also his genuine love for the job and our member schools.

Finally, if you will allow a slight deviation from your question 😊 the FELTOM office staff & Accreditation Council also deserve a mention here. While they may not be part of the Board, they are an integral part of our team and without them the unique recipe of what makes FELTOM tick everyday would be incomplete.

Where shall we expect to see FELTOM over the next 5 years?

Achieving new highs in accreditation, a brand recognized internationally for quality schools in Malta & Gozo, continuing collaboration not only with valued sponsors & partners but also with the local regulator; i.e. the ELT COUNCIL, the Malta Tourist Association, Government & other stakeholders; with whom we have excellent relations, however we are constantly aiming to broaden these and reach new strengths together.

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