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Interview with Dr Martha Canseco Bennetts, Director of Becari Conzatti Language School

Published on Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Interview Martha Becari

In today's interview, we have spoken to Dr Martha Canseco Bennetts, Director of Becari Conzatti Language School in Mexico.

1. Can you give us an overview of your school?

The school was founded in 1998, in a very simple way, just one little room in my Dental office  (I had just finished Dentistry school). I was very lucky to have two careers: Dentistry plus language teacher, and at first, it was difficult to make some money, so I was working in both areas. Dentistry, my main career but Teaching, my PASSION. 

Our first student came to the Dental office looking for Spanish lessons, and unfortunately ,  at the moment he rang the bell, I was pulling a tooth!!!!   So I was wearing gloves and a mask, when he looked at the small window, he saw my hands with gloves and blood, and he asked me shyly: I am looking for some Spanish lessons?.!! I said yes, just a minute!  He was very confused, I guess, so after I finished with my patient,  I gave him the information about the courses and he said to me, well, I will take one week of four hours and if I like it, I will continue for four weeks. And he did…  

And that is how our school started… And after so many years, we love what we do and I do not work as a Dentist any more, so my students should not be afraid of me!  

We have 15 teachers now and several universities come and trust our school.

I cannot deny it, I feel very proud about it. 

2. Tell us a bit about the courses you offer.

We offer several different courses:

We offer programs of 3 , 4 or 6 hours of Spanish lessons or alternatively 4 hours tuition plus 2 hours workshops every day from Monday to Friday.

Workshops:  Salsa dance, cooking, traditional weaving, and wooden carving animal decoration. 

We also offer the VOLUNTEER PROGRAM which consists of 4 hours of volunteering and four or three hours of Spanish lessons, you can decide if you want to have them private or in a group. 

The inscription fee goes directly to the organization as a donation from you. 

Our MEDICAL PROGRAM consists of four hours of Spanish plus four hours of Medical work in a clinic or hospital.

You only need to give a donation to the MEDICAL PROGRAM of $50 USD per week. 

Our SALSA DANCE PROGRAM consists of two hours of Spanish lessons and two hours of professional salsa dance through Salsa Retreat. 

We also offer private lessons. 

Programs for High school, Colleges and Universities groups. 

3. What are the school’s unique selling points?

Our school is like a second home for our students. We are not just “The School”. We all are a big family :  Staff, teachers and students. 

We do have individual attention to each one of our students. 

We never mix levels.

We have the flexibility to accommodate our students. 

We are located in one of the most beautiful cities of Mexico. 

4. Which markets would you like to work with?

We are open to all markets.

5. Any plans for 2020?

To continue growing.

Right now 90% of our students are from the USA, we would love to have more students from Europe. We know for sure, they will fall in love with our city, our language and our school. 

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