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Interview with Suzanne Littlejohn from Brownlee Schools

Published EDU-WorldWide on Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Interview Brownlee Schools

In this interview, we will speak to Suzanne Litttlejohn from Brownlee Schools:

Tell us a bit more about Brownlee Schools

Brownlee Language International Summer Schools (BLISS) is a summer school for students, led by teachers. I have been an English teacher since 2001 and I gained my Diploma in TESOL in 2017. Along with my background in marketing, language and international education, we have created the perfect balance between summer  and school. Students have their language lessons in the morning, then after lunch they have their afternoon activities, where everything is done in English. Tennis rules are explained and coaching is all in English, along with riding, sightseeing, multi sports, arts and music - everything is in English. The the students all get together for dinner, again all in English as we sit with students to eat and after dinner the activities continue where we take full advantage of all of the facilities Abbotsholme school has to offer - from the working farm, to the rock climbing wall, tennis courts as well as just splaying sports out on the front lawn. 

Each weekend we have a full day trip on Saturday and Sunday. 

Where did the idea come from

International education and language learning are part of who I am . I have dedicated my career to EFL and I know how important language learning is for those who are trying to improve their skills. As a language learner myself I decided to design the syllabus and programme around my own experience of learning Italian (full immersion) and my own childhood of growing up in Scotland. Growing up in the 80s and 90s we all had the same rule to adhere to - be in before dark! In Scotland, in summer we played outside until very late as it is not dark until 23.30, and sometime even later. And while summer school students aren’t up that late, they make full use of playing in the extended sunshine hours on campus. Mobile and iPad are left in the office to ensure everyone participates in volleyball, basketball, swimming, tennis, quizzes, karaoke and more!

Any future plans

Oh yes! I’ll let you know when we get there! 

Which are your target markets

Our target markets are students who want to improve their English aged 8 - 17

Will we see you at any industry events

Yes, I will be at Alphe UK and I am really looking forward to meeting partners old and new and telling everyone how much fun summer 2019 was for us!

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