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Interning in Berlin at Anda Sprachschule

Published Korinne Algie on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Internship in Berlin German Language School

Even if Berlin wasn’t an amazing, vibrant and buzzing city, my internship at Anda would have still been an unforgettable experience. When I had to choose where to do an internship in Germany, it’s fair to say that only one city came to mind, and I definitely made the right decision in coming here.

I got a pretty good impression of how the internship would be after a great Skype call with my now lovely colleague Natasa, and since arriving it’s been everything I hoped it would be and more! All of the Anda team are warm, caring and a joy to work with – I’ve always felt part of the team here, and  it’ll be sad to leave. But because of my studies in the UK, I’m moving to Barcelona to do another internship before my final year of university.

As interns we’ve had the responsibility of organizing and taking students on cultural activities; trips to exhibitions, street markets, bar meet-ups, everything Berlin has to offer! Not a bad way to spend a few months abroad. Due to the diverse family of students at Anda, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting other young people from every corner of the globe. Anda’s been encouraging students looking to apply to German universities to study with us first, so that we can assist with the university application, so hopefully we’ll see many more young, like-minded international students with us at Anda.

But I’ve also learned a lot of professional skills; interacting with customers, improving my communicational skills, task-management and much more. Working on marketing, social media and research activities has been a real highlight, and it’s great to see your own hard work turn into something really positive. Even what might seem boring at first has been made interesting! Now I have a much better idea of how a business works, and have a real understanding of a professional working environment.  

From a language point of view, Anda is a special place to work. Our dynamic multi-lingual office atmosphere means my language skills have improved hugely, and as well as my German, my Spanish is also better than when I arrived! Even my Italian skills have improved. Although it was never my intention to start learning Italian, I guess my Italian colleagues inspired me, and the school let me take a course during my time here.

I’ll miss the vibrant atmosphere of the office and the tight-knit group of colleagues which feels like a family! I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending other students looking to do an internship to come here, as it’s been a delight since day one. Anda has some exciting projects coming in the future, and I’ll be sure to keep updated on what the school are up to!

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