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An International English Camp is being organized for the first time in Turkey.

Published Bernice on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 12:00 AM

International Summer Camp in Turkey

Introduced as UP English Camp, the international summer camp program was launched by MaltaVista. MaltaVista is a market leader in its own market that has been working with a focus on Malta for years and offering programs including the camp program. After organizing summer camps in Malta for years, it is organizing a camp in Turkey for the first time this summer.

The program, which is available for 9-17 age groups, will be held in Bursa, which is known as the capital of history and culture in Turkey and is 2 hours away from Istanbul. The program, which offers its students an isolated environment where English is spoken, was designed with experts in the field, from the content of the education to the nutrition program in Uludağ, located in Bursa.

Leisure Program

Activities and workshops are designed according to students' interests and English levels. Moreover, it is provided with non-formal learning methods that will motivate and allow them to participate in accordance with their age groups.

Outdoor activities such as aqua park, sea activity, horse riding, extreme park are included in the total budget. In addition, entertaining and instructive workshops such as drone training or robotic coding are also included in the program.

For group participation, the 3-day Istanbul Tour program is organized for free by the UP English Camp.


Our instructor team consists of certified instructors who are experienced in the sector and whose native language is English. During the training process, every 4 students will be paired with 1 camp leader responsible for them. Our camp leaders consist of university students and recent graduates who have achieved personal success, have experience abroad, and have the competence to be a role model for students, studying at good universities and good departments.

Our management and coordination team consists of individuals with successful careers in the education sector and organizational management experience.


The facility where the program will be held is a 4-star boutique hotel with high quality standards and completely renovated this year. Accommodation of our students is provided under the supervision of our camp leaders and coordinators 24/7.


Uludağ is a mostly preferred mountain for winter tourism in Turkey and especially in neighbouring countries, and is also a national park. It is located 25 minutes from the city centre. With its calm nature, fresh air and natural beauty in the summer months, it is suitable for children and is suitable for providing an isolated environment for practicing English.

More affordable program

Due to its economic structure, Turkey is quite suitable to offer a more economical program compared to its alternatives, without compromising on quality standards.

International Student Participation

UP English Camp provides student participation from at least 5 different countries in every semester of the camp through its partner agencies in many countries.

Hiring New Agencies

UP English Camp is looking for new agencies who want to offer Turkey as an alternative to their students. For detailed information and contact, you can send an e-mail to

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