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How to Tuesday: How to Keep up with Instagram Trends of 2022

Published Bernice on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 12:00 AM

How to Keep up with Instagram Trends of 2022

Social Media trends are evolving constantly, even more so when it comes to Instagram.  It is always a struggle to keep up with what trend is at its peak at any given time; of course it is also a struggle to learn all about said trend and be a part of it. In the vast industry, that is global education, one needs to be at the top of their game when it comes to these social media trends, given the wide range of competition out there. Have a look below at what is trending on Instagram in 2022.


With the rise of the creator economy during the pandemic, there are more of a lot of content wizards, with many instagram users stating that influencers carry more weight on their decision making. It could be an interesting option to explore the idea of brand ambassadors for your school, agency or company.

Long or Short videos

IGTV has now been removed from the app, users can upload up to 60minutes of videos from one tab. Keep in mind though that, with the barrage of content out there, the attention span of users fades over time, so do not add clips that are longer than necessary. We always state that on social media (and not just), videos should never be long.


The trend for short-form content is going strong, and with Instagram competing with TikTok, reels have become a cornerstone in the modern Instagram experience.

Story Links

When links were introduced to stories, link stickers were only available to accounts with 10k or more followers. Now the option is for everyone, which opens up a huge opportunity for smaller brands wanting to drive traffic to another site or platform. You can add links in your stories, and modify the text of how it appears. Do you need tips on that? Drop us a line!

Instagram Live

Companies with a strong Instagram Live content plan are well-positioned to connect with their followers. Don’t shy away from live….there are many types of live content you can be sharing on your Instagram. This could be a short interview with a student, or a vox pop with a group of students on their last day at your school, or a Q&A with a member of staff. Whatever you do, keep it short and simple!

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Instagram trends are ever changing; don’t worry though, keep an eye out for our blog and you’ll be sure we will keep you abreast of all the social media trends and tendencies as they evolve over time.

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